How to sign up

1)   Designate one person to be responsible for signing up the company.

2)   This person must sign up, create their user name and their password.

3)   This person will be taking care of signing up teams, ordering extra walking dinners and eventually a table.

Reminder: only 2 extra walking dinners allowed per signed up team.

4)   This person must then fill in the company’s billing details and confirm its order.

5)   No confirmation email will be sent out, however the designated person will be able to access its “Booking Space”, where order forms and/or invoices with purchase order numbers may be solicited.

6)   The “Booking Space” allows this person to fill in the names of the participants. Each participant’s email address is essential in order for each to validate the General Terms and Conditions. Teams may be completed and/or modified up until one week before the event. Please be aware: incomplete teams will be disqualified.

If, at a later stage, you would like to sign up new teams or supplementary walking dinners, you will need to fill in a new order and solicit a new invoice.


Tip of the Day

"When training, always follow The Golden Rules… Progression, Regularity, Stress & Recovery, Diversity, and Listen to your body".