When you sign up for HRRUN you also bring your support to the not-forprofit association Special Olympics.

« Changing lives of mentally disabled people thanks to sport. That’s our mission & you can help us to reach it! Created in 1968 by E.K.S in the USA, Special Olympics became an active international movement in 178 countries & counts near to 4 million athletes.Special Olympics Belgium was born in 1979 & reaches 12.000 athletes although 165.000 estimated persons are mentallydisabled.

Sport enables the personal & social development of athletes.

Special Olympics Belgium is recognized by the Belgian Olympic Committee Interfederal.

Our objectif: 20.000 athletes with access to adapted sports in 2020… And we will reach this, thanks to your help !»

For every registered team in IMMORUN™, RUNNING NATION makes a donation of 10€ to Special Olympics.

If you wish to make an extra donation to the association, contact us. The association can deliver a tax deductible receipt. 



Tip of the Day

"When training, always follow The Golden Rules… Progression, Regularity, Stress & Recovery, Diversity, and Listen to your body".